Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Place An Order?

Orders can be placed by contacting me through the studio or via my contact form here - you can also email me to arrange an appointment to come and view a particular item.

How Can I Pay?

Payment can be taken over the telephone or via card/cash at the studio, or bank transfer.


When posting any item, I will always send this through a well-known courier, which is special, signed-for delivery. I am insured for any postage for items worth up to £10,000, which provides peace of mind when waiting for your jewellery by post. Alternatively, they can be collected in person via the studio. Shipping fees are included in the price for any item.


With over 30 years of bespoke jewellery design and creation, I don't recall a return! However, if you are not happy or have a query about your item, please do let me know and I am sure we can sort something out!

Can I Book An Appointment?

The studio is usually open from 10am -1pm and 2pm - 5pm, but should you wish to book an appointment, please drop me an email or telephone call.


From the very start of the process, the first meeting and designs through to the finished article, I provide a personal, warm and professional approach and insists on communication throughout so that the client can be part of the process, allowing them to witness the transformation through emails and photographs of work in progress. To be able to watch your piece evolve is not only interesting but exciting too! Remodelling old Jewellery into new jewellery – a new lease of life. Recycle and reuse to create the ultimate piece of jewellery that can be worn every day and become another more modern family heirloom!

Inspirations and ideas

When I am not working on commission pieces, I design and make jewellery for sale. Inspirations come from the environment, especially organic and floral forms. I believe I have developed my own unique and distinctive style. My work has a predominate theme of floral and other organic shapes. My special affinity for Arum lilies has inspired me to find ways of working with metals to emulate their elegant forms.

Turning my ideas into reality involves forging and shaping the metals using anti-clastic bends and occasionally fold-forming allowing me to move metals into forms to create unique and unusual designs.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch.