Tools, Skills, Processes & Techniques

Here are some basic techniques and processes that everyone, no matter what their ability will use when making and constructing Jewellery and object d'art.

Over the years I have taught many, many students, each and everyone trying their hand at all the techniques and some of the processes too.

It's not just Jewellery either that students have made. There have been salt and pepper sets, pill boxes, hinged pots, napkin rings, cloak pins and key rings.

​These techniques include Piercing, cutting, bending, shaping, hammering, texturing, filing, drilling, riveting, silver soldering, stone setting, finishing and polishing.

​There are also processes such as anti clastic raising, wire twisting and texturing using the rolling mill to name but a few.

​As you will see from the photos the hand tools that are still used on a daily basis by all Jewellers are incredibly old in design, going back centuries. They still work and have lasted the test of time.

In my studio the only modern machinery that I use is the magnetic polisher, polishing machine and hand held rotary tool. Oh and electric lights, not sure I could cope with candle light!

​Students are always fascinated by the silver soldering process. It's a bit like alchemy watching the solder melt from solid to liquid and flow to join two pieces together. Its incredibly satisfying, quick and safe.
It's even better when they can melt scrap silver into bobbles for decoration, that is a fun process.

​I use culinary torches (from Lidl's!) as they are user-friendly, easy to fill up with gas and are light weight.

I aim to make everyone's experience fun, safe, rewarding, satisfying and educational. Plus you have the added bonus of the beautiful finished sterling Silver piece that you have made whether it's in a three-hour taster session or a six week course.

​I look forward to welcoming you to my lovely studio, sharing my experience and knowledge to help you achieve amazing pieces.